How To Earn More

As A Massage Therapist


Become a Massage Hero with Margaret Wallis-Duffy, Business Consultant & Massage Business Owner For Over 29 Years!

Learn How To:

  • Create A Steady Stream Of Clients
  • ​Stop Putting In Overtime
  • ​Stop Worrying About About Paying The Bills
  • ​Gain Control Of Your Massage Business
  • ​Earn More... While Doing Less!


Fully Booked Massage Practice


Hi! My name is Margaret Wallis-Duffy. I am the owner of Wallis for Wellness and I’ve been a massage therapist for over 29 years.

In those 29 years, I had to learn what it takes to build a thriving massage business through my own trial & error, including many mistakes along the way. But ultimately, I built a practice that leaves me financially secure and personally fulfilled from the impact I have on the lives of my clients.

The Massage Hero Challenge is a chance for you to learn from my experience - and from the experience of dozens of other massage therapists in my network. You get to focus your attention only on what works - so you never have to struggle to get clients even again - and so you don’t overwork (and over-stress) yourself.

This is real-life experience, not something you can learn in school - and that may be because massage school doesn’t teach us how to run a business (even though 70% of massage therapists become business owners)!


    The point of the challenge is to filter out all of the noise so I can help you focus your attention on the handful of things it takes to run an incredibly successful massage business.

    I want to show you that if I can do it, you can do it too! And we’ll even visit the stories of several other profitable massage therapists to learn from their experience. In the end, you’ll find that running your own business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I will help you put the systems in place so that you can have the confidence to build and grow your business.

    In the Challenge, you will learn how to:
    • Get new clients fast
    • ​Be the in-demand massage therapist in your community
    • ​Generate consistent income so you’re financially secure
    • ​Build a business that will leave you feeling fulfilled
    • ​Deliver a world-class experience for every client
    • ​Get more referrals and word-of-mouth business
    • ​Feel confident in yourself and your abilities
    • ​Eliminate stress and burn-out
    • ​Outsource and delegate admin & bookkeeping tasks you don’t like doing
    • ​Have a greater impact in your community
    • ​Get more rebookings without ever feeling sales-y
    • ​Reduce (and even completely prevent) no-shows
    • ​And SO much more!


      We’ve all done the CEUs and have taken “courses” before. There are even some really informative ones out there. But the problem is they are not designed to make an immediate impact on your business.

      A challenge is completely different. It’s an experience.

      The Massage Hero Challenge is designed to get you results FAST. And we’re going to get those results by keeping it engaging and fun!
      And most importantly, a challenge holds you accountable! Every day you will have a video training and you will have a piece of homework to complete. When you complete the homework, you’ll get WINS every day, earn badges, and start to gain the momentum you need to design your dream business that you can grow for decades…WITHOUT the burnout.

      Challenges have very high success rates compared to the ‘do it yourself, you’re on your own’ courses. And when it comes to Massage Therapists, we’re passionate about YOUR success.

      Is the Challenge a commitment? Yes. Is it worth it? Well, if you’re looking for a PROVEN system PLUS RESULTS, then it’s absolutely worth it.


         Fast Track Massage Hero Roadmap
        We made it super simple for you to go through the Challenge with this soup to nuts detailed Game Plan.

        This easy to follow massage business roadmap lays it all out for you, step by step…

        So you know exactly what to do, the day to do it, and all the milestones along the way.

        No more guessing, no more ‘seat of the pants’ tasks or time-wasting activities. Each action you take is designed to give you RESULTS and FREEDOM.

        Your 14 days will fly by…and your eyes will pop when you 
        see how far your business has come in such a short time.
        We made it super simple for you to go through the Challenge with this detailed game plan.

        This easy to follow massage business roadmap lays it all out for you, step-by-step, so you know exactly what to do, the day to do it, and all the milestones along the way.

        Our promise to you is that every day, every action, is designed to give you tangible results...without feeling overwhelmed.
         14 Days of Massage Business Start-Up Training
        For 14 days, you’ll get exclusive access to step-by-step training videos where I will personally coach and mentor you.

        Each video is designed to teach you a specific topic and get you to complete a critical task that takes you closer to your goal. You’ll experience a powerful RESULT at the end of each video training session when you do the work...and you’ll feel a wonderful sense of pride for your daily achievements.

         Build Your Massage Business Workbook
        Staying organized and on track is the key to your success. This is your companion workbook to the video training, from Day 1 through Day 14.

        Each video has a corresponding worksheet in your workbook. When you complete each video and do the work in the workbook, the results will shine like a diamond and you’ll feel pride in your daily wins and progress.

         'Unfair Advantage’ Massage Business Cheatsheets
        In the Challenge, we’re going to talk about the things that it takes to build a thriving massage business. And here’s the thing, I’ve already done them, as have hundreds of other successful massage therapists.

        So why reinvent the wheel? We’ll GIVE you what you need, so you don’t have to start from scratch and you can stay focused on the task at hand. These cheat sheets will save you untold amounts of time and unnecessary stress.

        Just follow these time-tested and proven ‘frameworks’ and you’re golden. The entire Challenge process is laid out for you

        “Behind the Scenes” Of Successful Massage Business Owners

        This Challenge is built not just on my own experience. We’ve interviewed dozens of wildly successful massage therapists and included their formula for success in the trainings too.

        And we’re also going to deliver “behind the scenes” case studies where you’ll get access to success stories and how they went from frustration and struggle to thriving in record time!

        Take a Sneak Peek…

        Still not sure about the challenge? Here’s a free preview from a week 2 session:

        Meet Your Coaches


        "THE MENTOR"

        As your Challenge coach, mentor, and trainer you couldn’t be in better hands (pun intended 😃).

        Margaret Wallis-Duffy is a massage therapist rockstar.

        She’s the founder of Wallis for Wellness, the award winning integrative health clinic, and the CEO of WOW New Media, Inc.

        She is also the visionary behind the “Better Together As ONE” Health Movement.

        As a Registered Massage Therapist with a background in Kinesiology, Margaret has had her own hugely successful practice for 29 years.

        And get this...Margaret prides itself on a nearly 90% Doctor Referral Rate! 

        Her practice reaches beyond the treatment room to educate, champion, and empower people and her clients to become the CEO Of their Health.

        She is a champion when it comes to taking you from just surviving to THRIVING in your business...and in your health.



        Daniel Ruscigno is the founder and CEO of Clinicsense, the #1 online clinic management software specifically designed for massage therapists and their business.

        Daniel has helped over 7,889 therapists move from ‘pen & paper’ client files to online SOAP notes and intake forms…

        Eliminating the time-sucking, energy draining tasks you don’t need to be doing...and streamlining the client process.

        As the author of “15 Practical and Proven Ways To Grow Your Massage Business,” a partner of AMTA, ABRP, and RMTAO , Daniel is a master when it comes to adding value and massive profitability to your practice.

        During the Challenge, Daniel will guide you on how to run a seamless, automated business that frees you up so you can focus on what you do best…

        Treat and serve your clients.

        100% Money Back Guarantee

        We’re going to make this an easy decision for you.

        We guarantee if you watch the videos and implement what we show you, you WILL have the core foundation and understanding for a successful massage therapy business.

        If you feel that the Challenge and all that you’re getting isn’t worth 10 times what you’re paying, We’ll refund every cent. If you feel that what we promised isn’t true and just a bunch of hype, I’ll refund 100%. No questions asked.
        We're putting our money where our mouth is. We’re taking on all the risk.

        All I ask is that if you’re not 100% satisfied at the end of the Challenge, send us your workbook with the milestones you completed and we'll refund you.

        That’s it.

        And if you’re like other therapists who commit to the challenge, this experience will transform the way you do business.

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